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Twentieth Century Impressions of Ceylon

Title Twentieth Century Impressions Of Ceylon Author Arnold Wright About the Book First Published 1907, Re-print of the original edition. Very difficult to find This large commemorative book on the island nation of Sri Lanka is a veritable mine of information on a wide variety of aspects of this country. Contained within its 916 pages are […]

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Treasury of Gardening

Title Treasury of Gardening Author(s) Wayne Ambler, Carol Landa Christensen, Larry Hodgson, Peter Loewer, Ted Marston About the Book A beautiful book, coffee table sized. Pictures and gardening information on an encyclopedic number of plants with color photos throughout. This book gives advice on how to design your entire landscape, information and illustrations detailing specific […]

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The Encyclopedia of the Sri Lankan Diaspora

Title The Encyclopedia of the Sri Lankan Diaspora Author Peter Reeves About the Book Well over a million people of Sri Lankan origin live outside South Asia. The Encyclopedia of the Sri Lanka Diaspora is the first comprehensive study of the lives, culture, beliefs and attitudes of immigrants and refugees from this island. The Encyclopedia […]

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The Community – A historical account of the Mudaliyar class

Title The Community – A historical account of the Mudaliyar class Goyigama Family Combine Author Mevan Pieris About the Book The book is a historical account of the Mudaliyar class Goyigama Family Combine, which several previous writers have written to say were a powerful Community that wielded much power and influence during Dutch and British […]

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Symphony of Serendib by Erich Joseph

Title Symphony of Serendib by Eric Joseph Author Erich Joseph About the Book Symphony of Serendib is Erich Josephs debut collection of wildlife photography. A passionate wildlife photographer since 2011, Erich has travelled far and wide in Sri Lanka to witness and capture the beauty of Sri Lanka. The photo journal consists of over 200 […]

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Sri Lanka: Island of Islands

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Sri Lanka Jungle Profiles

Title Sri Lanka Jungle Profiles Author Dr. T S U de Zylva Dr. T S U de Zylva – Ornithologist, Conservationist and Bird Photographer par Excellence.

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Popular Handbook of Indian Birds

Title Popular Handbook of Indian Birds Author Hugh Whistler About the Book This fascinating book contains a detailed catalogue of the birds of India, complete with a wealth of detailed information and helpful illustrations. Written with the intention of providing a popular and scientific, but not too technical, account of the common birds of India, […]

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Paradise Lost : Persia from Above

Title Paradise Lost: Persia from Above Author Georg Gerster About the Book In 1976 and 1978, aerial photographer Georg Gerster had the rare opportunity to record the landscape of Iran on over 100 flights and 300 flying hours. This unique photographic project resulted in a near complete documentation of the major archaeological sites and important […]

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Leopard in the Afternoon: An African Tenting Safari

Author Christopher Ondaatje Sir Philip Christopher Ondaatje, OC, CBE, FRSL born 22 February 1933) is a Sri Lankan-born Canadian–English businessman, philanthropist, adventurer, writer and bob-sledding Olympian for Canada. Ondaatje is the older brother of the author Michael Ondaatje and lives in both Chester, Nova Scotia, and the United Kingdom. About the Book Leopard in the […]

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Habitat: Vernacular Architecture for a Changing Planet

Title Habitat: Vernacular Architecture for a Changing Planet Author Sandra Piesik

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H A Karunaratne – Anoli Perera

Title H A Karunaratne – Anoli Perera Author Anoli Perera About the Book The Father of Sri Lankan Abstract Art H.A. Karunaratne’s 60 years of work which narrates a concept, vision and experiential engagement with abstraction is artfully captured in a 220-page publication by Taprobane Collection, penned by Artist and Co-founder of the Theertha International […]

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Ghosts of the Deep – Diving the shipwrecks of Sri

Title Ghosts of the Deep – Diving the shipwrecks of Sri Lanka Author Dharshana Jayawardena About the Book Get your hands on a one-of-a-kind book about the ancient shipwrecks of Sri Lanka authored by a leading underwater photographer and a shipwreck explorer in Sri Lanka. Learn about the ship’s history, where it came from, and […]

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Geoffrey Manning Bawa – Decolonizing Architecture

Title Geoffrey Manning Bawa – Decolonizing Architecture Author Dr. Shanthi Jayewardene About the Author Shanti Jayewardene has a Dip. Arch. and MSc. in the History of Modern Architecture from University College London and a DPhil. in Modern History from the University of Oxford. Her area of interest is the intersection of imperial and South Asian […]

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For the Leopard – A Tribute to the Sri Lankan

Title For the Leopard – A Tribute to the Sri Lankan Leopard Author Rukshan Jayewardene Photographer About the Book Sri Lanka has an extraordinary diversity of natural wealth, including an endemic sub-species of leopard. This beautifully illustrated book is the result of a group of Colombo-based enthusiasts’ observations over 10 years in Yala National Park […]

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Flowering Plants commonly encountered in Sri Lankan habitats

Title Flowering Plants commonly encountered in Sri Lankan habitats Author Sriyanie Miththapala, Siril Wijesundara, Janaki Galappatti About the Author(s) Dr. Sriyanie Miththapala graduated in Biology from the University of Colombo and obtained her MA in Biology from Smith College, USA, and her PhD in Wildlife and Range Sciences from the University of Florida, USA. Dr […]

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Contemporary Architecture: Masterpieces around the World

Title Contemporary Architecture: Masterpieces around the World Author Chris van Uffelen

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Colombo – A Sketch Book

Title Colombo – A Sketch Book Author Weerakkodige Vasantha Perera About he Book ‘Colombo – A Sketch Book’ by Vasantha Perera captures the essence and character of Colombo, from charming colonial buildings to friendly residents with warm, sunny smiles. The paintings illustrate the long-lost images of the city from the artist’s own memoirs. At first […]

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Birds of the Indian Subcontinent

Title Birds of the Indian Subcontinent Author (s) Richard Grimmett, Carol Inskipp, Tim Inskipp About the Book A field guide to all the bird species found in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and the Maldives. This comprehensive and definitive guide is the successor to the bestselling Pocket Guide to the Birds of the […]

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Birds of Sri Lanka : Helm Field Guides

Title Birds of Sri Lanka: Helm Field Guides Author Deepal Warakagoda, Carol Inskipp, Tim Inskipp, Richard Grimmett About the Book With a rich avifauna of more than 350 species that includes 29 endemics, the island of Sri Lanka is one of southern Asia’s most popular birding destination. This new field guide provides full coverage of […]

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Birds of Sri Lanka

Title Birds of Sri Lanka Author Gehan de Silva Wijeyaratne About the Author Gihan de Silva Wijeyaratne qualified as a chartered accountant and worked in the “square mile” in London. Since his return to Sri Lanka, he has published 15 books relating to wildlife and travel. About the Book Birds of Sri Lanka is an […]

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Bawa : The Sri Lanka Gardens

Title Bawa: The Sri Lanka Gardens Author David Robson Photographer Dominic Sansoni About the Book The story of two talented landscape designer brothers and their exquisite gardens set in the lush landscape of Sri Lanka. The work of architect Geoffrey Bawa achieved a unique fusion of vernacular style and modern construction incorporating the lush tropical […]

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