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Twentieth Century Impressions of Ceylon

Title Twentieth Century Impressions Of Ceylon Author Arnold Wright About the Book First Published 1907, Re-print of the original edition. Very difficult to find This large commemorative book on the island nation of Sri Lanka is a veritable mine of information on a wide variety of aspects of this country. Contained within its 916 pages are […]

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The Temple of Kelaniya

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The Community – A historical account of the Mudaliyar class

Title The Community – A historical account of the Mudaliyar class Goyigama Family Combine Author Mevan Pieris About the Book The book is a historical account of the Mudaliyar class Goyigama Family Combine, which several previous writers have written to say were a powerful Community that wielded much power and influence during Dutch and British […]

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Sindh Revisited

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Mannar Unbound

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Malays of Sri Lanka

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Jaffna Heritage

Title Jaffna Heritage Publisher New National Trust – Sri Lanka publication About the Book This publication completes the National Trust- Sri Lanka series on the North and East with publications on Mannar, Batticaloa and Island of Islands in response to many requests from the public. The orange-red cover reminds of Jaffna’s chaya root heritage as […]

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Ancient Irrigation Works in Ceylon – R L Brohier

Title Ancient Irrigation Works in Ceylon Author R L Brohier

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Across Oceans Flowing Silks

Author Firoza Punthakey; Se Adajania, Nancy; Godrej, Pheroza; Hoskote, Ranjit; Mistree Language English Description Based on two parts of one spectacular exhibition held at the National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA), Across Oceans and Flowing Silks, from Canton to Bombay 18th-20th centuries and No Parsi is an Island is a vibrant celebration of Zoroastrian art […]

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A Golden Harvest

Title A Golden Harvest : in Celebration of Sri Lankas 50 years of independence 1948-1998 Author Madhavan, Vimala (ed).

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